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The Treasury of Read-Alouds

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Guys Read: Thrillers

Edited by Jon Scieszja     Gr. 4—8    288 pages   Walden Pond, 2011 e-book

Ten years ago the bestselling children’s writer Jon Scieszka created a mission called “Guys Read” with the goal of reaching and motivating reluctant young male readers (online at One problem to overcome was the lack of MAD stuff (as in MAD Magazine) in books, the kind of laugh-out-loud-milk-from-the-nose kind of stuff that boys like to talk about and read. So far the movement has given birth to three anthologies of stories from top authors, including this latest collection that includes short thriller pieces (i.e. body on the tracks stuff) from authors like Anthony Horowitz, Walter Dean Myers, and James Patterson. Other books in the series: Guys Write for Guys Read; and Guys Read: Funny Business. Related books: Grossology: The Science of Really Gross Things! by Sylvia Branzei; Mightier Than the Sword: World Folktales for Strong Boys (a); and Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader for Kids Only! ( see listing below().

cover of Hey! Listen to ThisHey! Listen to This: Stories to Read Aloud

by Jim Trelease      Gr. K–4      410 pages      Penguin, 1992

Here are forty-eight read-aloud stories from the top authors of yesterday and today. Arranged in categories like school days, food, families, folk and fairy tales, and animals, the selections include entire chapter excerpts as well as complete stories. There are also full-page biographical profiles of the authors. Also by the author: Read All About It!, an anthology for grades five and older; and The Read-Aloud Handbook. On the Web:

cover of Read All about It!Read All About It!

by Jim Trelease      Gr. 5 and up      487 pages      Penguin, 1993

For parents and teachers at a loss for what to read to preteens and teens, here are fifty selections—from classics to newspaper columns, fiction and nonfiction, humor and tragedy. Each story is introduced by a biographical profile of the author—like “Whatever happened to Harper Lee?” (To Kill a Mockingbird). Also by the author: Hey! Listen to This, an anthology for grades K–4; and The Read-Aloud Handbook. On the Web:

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader for Kids Only!

by the Bathroom Readers Institute      Gr. 3-7      324 pages      Bathroom Readers Press

cover of Uncle John's Bathroom Reader for Kids Only

I’ve been a fan of this series since it started with adult editions (more than a dozen at last count) and it’s a delight to see the editors recognize the importance of young bathroom readers. To be honest about the title, this is an even better bedroom or kitchen table reader. Consider the variety covered in this edition: ubiquitous “body music” articles (burps and hiccups); the truth behind Aesop’s fables, the Pony Express, the “dollar bill,” yo-yos, popsicles, snowboards, Sylvester and Tweety, Bugs Bunny, and Little League; amazing kids’ accomplishments; the history of bathrooms; toys that flopped; everything you ever needed to know about lightning. Look for it in Humor/Reference, but be sure to look for the “for Kids” tag. (It won’t be in the children’s section.) Also in the series: Uncle John’s Top Secret Bathroom Reader for Kids Only!; Uncle John’s Electrifying Bathroom Reader for Kids Only!; Uncle John’s Did You Know? Bathroom Reader for Kids Only; and Uncle John’s Facts to Annoy Your Teacher Bathroom Reader for Kids Only!

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