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Menu of articles on NCLB, Reading First at this site

  1. Reporting weak links in the NRP and No Child Left Behind Act: Is such reporting 'unpatriotic'?
  2. The NRP Report: What went wrong? And what's this about SSR doesn't work?
  3. NCLB is sinking fast. While some think it's because of false hopes, others think there's a false foundation: There was no education miracle in Texas. How much did Rod Paige know and when did he know it?
  4. Are 'whole language' folks the only ones upset by the NRP report? Try long-time researcher Dick Allington.
  5. The Bush/McGraw-Hill family ties that help bind Washington to testing.
  6. If 'carbo-loading' works for athletes, could it work for test takers? Desperately seeking higher scores, Virginia tries higher carbs and Gadsden, Alabama, nixes kindergarten naps.
  7. Long-time education writer and teacher Susan Ohanian takes stock of NCLB in "Bush Flunks Schools" in The Nation.
  8. What if the NCLB research is as flawed as the intelligence was on those "weapons of mass destruction"?
  9. The connection between learning to read and learning to ride a horse: the advantage of owning a horse or book, and why those who have the fewest books are left behind.
  10. A "national superintendent of the year" finalist, William J. Mathis examines NCLB and finds that beneath the noble promises lurks a price-tag well beyond the range of the 10 states he studied. Here online in the May 2003 issue of Phi Delta Kappan is his study, "No Child Left Behind: Costs and Benefits."
  11. POVERTY— the five-ton elephant in the classroom that nearly always leaves its children behind, but NCLB ignores.
  12. The now famous but insightful parody called "No Dentist Left Behind."
  13. What if the professional author of the test's essay can't answer the questions on the state (TX) test?
  14. In light of the NRP report, what recourse does a teacher or district have to resist the mandates?
  15. Web site devoted to repeal of the 'No Child Left Behind Act.'
  16. A detailed accounting of corruption and incompetence at Reading First, including the Inspector General's scathing report.
  17. There would be no NCLB Act were it not for the Nation at Risk report. Here's a sobering look at Risk after 20 years of reform.
  18. Heard about the 'Texas miracle' — a "zero" dropout rate in Houston high schools? Sorry, not a miracle; just Enron behavior, number changing, and "incentives" that brought new meaning to the term "education mandates." What nosey reporters (and a whistle-blowing vice principal) found.
  1. Wrestling with the mandatory "tutoring" element in NCLB: Will changing the teacher, change the scores or is it just after-school money-grabbing?
  2. In a massive government study, Charter School students lag behind Public School in reading and math.
  3. The man who had President Bush's ear on school accountability has been a lobbyist for some of America's biggest testing and education publishers: Atty. and lobbyist Sandy Kress.
  4. It took one gutsy educator in Georgia almost two years, but she (and the U.S. Dept. of Ed.'s Inspector General) brought Reading First bosses to their knees in a major mess that smelled like FEMA in New Orleans. Follow the investigation through nine pages of national news media coverage.
  5. There was a $20 million precursor to NCLB that forecast the future of the latter. Intended to cure children's obesity woes by fixing their classroom diets and curriculum, it failed because no one bothered to fix the home where a child spends 7,800 hours a year (vs. 900 in class).
  6. In 2007, the U. S. Department of Ed. found an astounding range of disparity in state standards for competency via testing. Thus a child who is a competent reader in Missouri is going to be failing in South Carolina.
  7. More and more teachers (young and old) are resigning out of frustration with NCLB's testing and its anti-child measures. Thus NCLB is depriving at-risk students of both veteran and fresh-blood faculty.
  8. A veteran Ohio principal at an "excellent" middle school offers a public apology for all that his students missed while pursuing higher test scores for the school.
  9. There was no more ardent booster of standardized testing, charter schools, or No Child Left Behind than Dr. Diane Ravitch, the former Bush I advisor at the Department of Education. The verb here is "was." Not any more. She now fully admits to being mistaken and badly misled, as described in The New York Times article of Mar. 2, 2010: Scholar’s School Reform U-Turn
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