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Jim Trelease Lecture Audios

You may have heard him on National Public Radio and "The Larry King Show," read about him in Smithsonian, Reader's Digest, or U.S. News & World Report. Now you can bring Jim Trelease to your home, school, or library on CD, audio, DVD or video cassettes.

Prices include postage, handling. Mass. residents add 5% tax.
#001 CD-audio "Turning on the Turned-off Reader"
$13.95 (US)
#002 CD-audio "Read-Aloud Q&A"
$13.95 (US)
#003 CD-audio ALBUM (contains #001 and #002)
$18.95 (US)
#004 CD-audio Wilson Rawls' "Dreams Can Come True"
$13.95 (US)

To hear a five-minute excerpt from the audio, see Audio page 2.

Audio is an ideal way to reach busy (or absentee/traveling) parents with Jim's important message. Just pop in a CD or audio cassette and you've got informative and inspiring company for the commute. People who would never consider reading a book on the subject or attending a lecture are the perfect candidates for the convenience of audio programs like this.

This timely and motivating message on the importance of reading aloud to children (both in the home and in the classroom) is now in both CD or audio cassette formats, with a four-minute excerpt available online. (see details on following pages).

  Aimed at parents, teachers, and librarians, both audios are based on Jim Trelease's public lectures and the many editions of his New York Times bestseller, The Read-Aloud Handbook.

Reading Tree Productions is also the exclusive dealer for "Dreams Can Come True," the life story of Wilson Rawls, author of Where the Red Fern Grows, told in his own words on an 78-minute CD or audio cassette, with an introduction and commentary by Jim Trelease.

CD and Tape Contents


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